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8 Faces Boundless Solid Oil

Boundless Solid Oil

Containing powerful antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and a rich source of essential fatty acids, Amla is the most antioxidant rich ingredient in the world.


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Age Quencher Hydrate Electrolyte


AQ makes your water work for you!

HYDRATE Beauty Electrolyte works to hydrate every cell in your body.

Infused with essential minerals, electrolytes and antioxidants, HYDRATE helps combat fatigue and free radical damage.

HYDRATE Beauty Electrolyte prevents signs of premature aging by quenching your skin’s thirst.


Helps to plump skin
Brightens skin tone
Gives a radiant appearance
Decreases inflammation
Increases energy
Increases mental alertness
Aids healthy digestion
Aids healthy bowel movements

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Age Quencher Intercept Hyaluronic Serum

Collagen Boosting Hyaluronic Serum and Moisturizer

INTERCEPT: An Intensive Restorative Serum and Moisturizer in one derived from Botanical Hyaluronic Acid & Red Sea Algae Peptides to instantly cool, plump, sooth & hydrate.

INTERCEPT delivers intense moisture directly to the skin to help correct fine lines and deep wrinkles.

Paraben Free/Fragrance Free/Sulfate Free


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Age Quencher System

You can have it all!

The complete AGE QUENCHER® system works at a deep cellular level to promote change from the inside out helping you feel and look your best with HYDATE™ Electrolyte, REJUVENATE™ Collagen Protein, AGELESS™ Antioxidants.

Seeing is believing.

Women in our AGE QUENCHER  survey report better skin, hair and nails, and 60% noticed a difference in as little as one week.

  • 83% report their skin has more moisture
  • 71% said their skin is glowing
  • 77% of women had more energy
  • 100% said it was easy to stick with this beauty regimen
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Cardea AuSet – NOIRE Charcoal Mask

This blend of mineral-rich bentonite clay and pure activated charcoal powder has absorbing properties that extract toxins from the skin’s surface and pores, leaving it cleansed and purified. We created NOIRE to be customizable – use your preferred liquid to turn it from powder to mask: distilled or mineral water, honey, or green tea, for example, and (if you please) a few drops of your favourite essential oil (or essential oil mist, like ACTIVATE or CALM) to make it your own.

2 oz | 56 g

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Cardea AuSet – Rosa Facial Mist

Hydrating mist formulated with rose water and aloe juice to give your skin a refreshing, plumping boost. Use after cleansing, before your morning and evening moisturizer, and throughout the day for a quick, gentle pick-me-up.

8 fl oz | 236 ml

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Cardea Auset – Rose Quartz Roller

Rose Quartz, the ultimate self-love and beauty stone.

Rose Quartz carries the powers of beautification and divine feminine energy. This stone speaks directly to the Heart Chakra, bringing your thoughts deeper than beauty – which is essential to self-love practice (and glowing skin!)

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COR Silver Soap 120g


Cor Silver Soap will make your face cleaner and healthier – simply beautiful – with a short daily regime. Cor removes makeup brilliantly, and has been shown to even out skin tone, reduce the appearance of sun spots and pore size, maintain the skin’s natural moisture factor, visibly reduce the signs of aging, and protect against the hazardous effects of the sun. It’s the best face cleansing wash money can buy.

Cor’s patented delivery system allows its active natural ingredients to get to the core of your skin. The starting point of Cor’s skincare line is our patented formula of Nano-Silver with Silica Compound.

Silver has long been known as one of the best natural anti-bacterial agents. Silver blocks the bacteria’s ability to transfer oxygen through its cell walls. Physicians worldwide use Silver for medicinal purposes.

Silica prepares the skin to accept the ingredients of Cor. The sponge-like nature of Silica draws the Silver and all of Cor’s active natural ingredients into its particles to richly nourish the skin.

In addition to the Silver-Silica combination, each product is layered with nourishing ingredients, such as: the Uber-Compound CSC, Peptides, Hyaluronic Acid, Pomegranate Extract, Vitamins, Aloe, Jojoba… the list goes on.

In short, the cumulative effects of Cor’s blend of ingredients works uniquely for each individual resulting in a natural, dewy-fresh, youthful appearance.

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COR The Silver Anytime Moisturizer


Deeply hydrating yet lightweight feeling, The Anytime Moisturizer provides layers of pomegranate antioxidants and marine collagen to refresh tired skin. As with all three Cor lotions, it includes the base ingredients that make Cor so effective: Our patented Silver-Silica compound to reach the core of the skin, plus three vital peptides (Palmitoyl Pentapeptide, Acetyl Hexapeptide, and H. Oligopeptide) that help skin relax and rejuvenate.


Pomegranate has antioxidant properties to help reduce the effects of aging and fight free radicals, whilst the natural estrogenic properties of these molecules have been known to help rejuvenate the skin and minimize the appearance of wrinkles.


In The Silver Anytime Moisturizer we have boosted the amount of collagen substantially to provide a rich, effective source replenishing the loss of collagen which occurs naturally with age.


The Anytime Moisturizer can be used alone or in combination with Cor Wrinkle Serum after using The Cor Soap for the ultimate results.


Make The Silver Anytime Moisturizer part of an easy-and-effective daily beauty routine.

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COR The Silver Wrinkle Serum


With a beautiful silky finish, Cor Silver Skincare’s Wrinkle Serum layers in copper tri-peptides, commonly used by cosmetics surgeons to reverse sun damage and scarring in addition to the base ingredients in all three lotions – Palmitoyl Pentapeptide, Acetyl Hexapeptide, and H. Oligopeptide; plus our patented silver formula, which prepares your skin so our revitalizing ingredients have maximum effect

Our Wrinkle Serum can be used alone as a make-up primer for women and a soothing luxurious after-shave finish for men or with the The Anytime Moisturizer to provide the ultimate Cor facial experience.

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Eggwhite and Chamomille Facial Soap

Quick Overview

Raise the bar on your current skincare routine, and say hello to the BEST 5 Minute Facial on the planet- Kalastyle’s Eggwhite Facial Soap. If you haven’t tried this product, it’s time to get your #eggwhiteon! Not now, but RIGHT now. One of our best-selling bars, this amazing soap washes off dirt & makeup while gently removing everyday impurities and delivering oh-so soft, glowing skin. Sensitive, acne prone, dry, oily, and combination skin types are all welcome- we’ve got you covered!

How to use it:

Just add water to work up a protein-rich eggwhite foam. Rub the lather generously on face and neck. Leave mask on for 5-10 minutes. Rinse with luke warm water & pat dry. Can be used daily to replace expensive, overly-drying facial cleansers. If using in shower, works great on décolletage, shoulders & back too!

Put your best face forward and post a selfie of you with your eggwhite facial mask on (use the hashtag #eggwhiteon) or tag @kalastylesoap

What it does:

•removes everyday impurities
•purifies and tightens pores
•restores youthful glow
•softens and soothes redness
•keeps breakouts at bay

Added bonus: use this soap to clean your makeup brushes once a week- results are uh-maze-ing.

Key Ingredients: natural vegetable base, water, eggwhite powder, chamomile flowers, sweet almond oil, and lecithin (soy protein).

What it smells like: subtle, intoxicating scent. Clean, natural florals with a hint of warmth and sweetness.

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HALLO SAPA Volcanic Ash Soap

Say hello to your new favorite bar of soap! Halló Sápa means Hello Soap in Icelandic. Kalastyle™ is proud to be importing pure, hand-harvested Volcanic Ash from Iceland’s geothermal lava fields and combining it with our custom, sustainable, Rainforest Alliance Certified™ soap base made domestically in the USA. Icelandic Volcanic Ash, known as “Mother Nature’s skin purifier”, is rich in minerals and antibacterial sulphur which helps slow down the aging process by stimulating collagen production. Used as a skincare remedy for centuries, the ash in the soap is active and provides a mild, natural exfoliation while absorbing toxins for the ultimate clean. H-e-l-l-o great skin! Hello Soap!

Key Ingredients: Sustainable palm and coconut oils, charcoal, volcanic sand, volcanic ash, volcanic soil.

What it smells like: a big, cozy, aged-to-perfection leather armchair in the library of your dreams. A bonfire on the beach in Indian Summer. Earthy, warm wood heating up in a custom-built dry sauna.

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Riversol Anti-Aging Serum

How It Works

This anti-aging serum is powered by 10 x the Vitamin C of our original Riversol serum formulations. This highly fortified serum restores a natural radiance to the skin by providing a potent blend of stabilized vitamins and anti-oxidants to combat the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and discolouration.

The 60mL serum on average 4 months with suggested use.

Who It Was Designed For

Recommended for all skin types.

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Riversol Anti-Redness Serum

How It Works

This highly fortified anti redness serum calms and restores a natural radiance to the skin by providing a potent blend of stabilized vitamins and antioxidants that penetrate deeply. Formulated with phosphate-form vitamin C and E, it helps strengthen and protect skin tissue while promoting healthy cell regeneration.

The 60mL serum on average 4 months with suggested use.

Who It Was Designed For

Recommended for individuals with skin prone to redness

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Riversol Daily Moisturizing Cream

How It Works

The daily moisturizing cream shields against moisture loss throughout the day. A potent blend of vitamins provides deep hydration and returns optimal barrier function to the skin’s mantle. The result is maximum protection for your skin from environmental factors and bacterial overgrowth while fighting multiple signs of aging including fine lines, wrinkles, and sun damage.

The 60g cream moisturizer lasts on average 4 months with suggested use.

Who It Was Designed For

Recommended for individuals with normal – dry sensitive skin

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Riversol Exfoliating Glycolic Peel

How It Works

Optimized to combat the look of aging in sensitive skin, this peel stimulates the exfoliation of dead surface cells while tightening and brightening aging skin. Packed with Vitamin C, Vitamin E and a potent anti-oxidant extract from the Western Red Cedar tree exfoliation with this peel ensures that dry patches are removed and dull, flaky skin is replaced with a even-toned texture.

The exfoliator should last roughly 5 months with the recommended application once every two weeks. As with all AHA products, it is recommended that prior to sun exposure users cover areas where AHAs have been applied with sunscreen.

Who It Was Designed For

Recommended for all skin types.

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Riversol Eye Repair Treatment

How It Works

A deeply hydrating eye cream formulation to brighten, tighten and restore moisture around the eye area by supporting collagen formation which reduces the appearance of dark circles and puffiness. A potent blend of vitamins help boost and replenish the structural support of the thin fragile skin around the eyes.

This 30mL Eye Cream on average 3 months with recommended use

Who It Was Designed For

Recommended for all skin types.

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Riversol Hydrating Antioxidant Mask

How It Works

Formulated to deliver intensive 24h moisture therapy to quench even the driest of skin types. Developed specifically for sensitive skin, this mask delivers potent, stabilized anti-oxidants to stimulate healthy cell regeneration and protect the skin from toxins and environmental pollutants.

The 60g mask lasts on average 4 months with suggested use.

Who It Was Designed For

Recommended for normal to dry skin.

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Riversol Hydrating Cream Cleanser

How It Works

Formulated specifically not to over-dry or strip the skin of essential oils, this cleanser cleans deeply but gently to remove impurities without disrupting the skin’s mantle, leaving the face at its natural pH (pH 5.0). This product will not inflame existing irritated skin conditions.

The 240mL cleansing milk lasts on average 4 months with suggested use.

Who It Was Designed For

Recommended for individuals with dry sensitive skin

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Riversol Lightweight Moisturizing Lotion

How It Works

Natural mattifying agents help to control oil levels while a potent blend of vitamins provide deep hydration and work to correct multiple signs of aging including wrinkles and sun damage. This rich replenishing lotion absorbs quickly, and leaves pores unclogged to prevent shine while returning optimal barrier function to normal-oily sensitive skin.

The 60g lotion lasts on average 4 months with suggested use.

Who It Was Designed For

Recommended for individuals with normal – oily sensitive skin

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Riversol Micellar Water

This powerful make-up remover won’t irritate even the most sensitive skin. Pair it with our Microfibre Make-up Removal Cloth for the best clean your skin has ever had.

How it works:  Micelles

The Riversol Micellar Water uses hyper-effective cleaning molecules called “micelles” to remove all make-up efficiently and more gently than traditional make-up removers.

These dual-ended micelle molecules are attracted to water on one end (the hydrophilic “head”), while the other end is attracted to the grease, oils, and make-up on the skin (the surfactant “tail”). This molecular arrangement is the key to micellar water’s impressive make-up removing power, and its ability to be non-irritating on even the most sensitive skin.

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Riversol Moisturizing Concentrate

How It Works

This intensive cream is Riversol’s maximum defense against moisture loss. A potent blend of hyaluronic acid and antioxidants provide deep hydration and returns optimal barrier function to the skin’s mantle, resulting in maximum protection for your skin from environmental damage.

The 60g moisturizing concentrate lasts on average 4 months with suggested use.

Who It Was Designed For

Recommended for individuals experiencing extremely dry, irritated and flaky skin.

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Riversol Refreshing Gel Cleanser

How It Works

This refreshing cleanser gently removes all impurities and excess oil without disrupting the mantle of sensitive skin. Leaving the face at its natural pH (pH 5.0), it instantly calms any skin irritation leaving a clear and clean feeling. It will not inflame existing irritated skin conditions.

The 240mL cleansing gel lasts on average 4 months with suggested use.

Who It Was Designed For

Recommended for individuals with normal – oily sensitive skin

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Riversol Restorative Treatment Pack

How It Works

Developed to provide powerful exfoliation and intensive 24h moisture therapy to brighten and hydrate even the driest of skin types. The first step – our 4% glycolic acid exfoliator removes dry surface skin cells while tightening and brightening the underlying healthy dermal layers. The second step – our Hydrating Antioxidant Mask provides intensive  day-long hydration to repair the skin’s moisture barrier while providing a boost of antioxidants to fight the free radicals which are responsible for many visible signs of aging.

The treatment pack includes four mask, and four glycolic peel treatments.

Who It Was Designed For

Recommended for all skin types.

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Riversol SPF 30 Lightweight Broad Spectrum Sunscreen

Broad Spectrum, Daily Use Sun Protection

This lightweight, SPF 30 sunscreen was designed to provide daily sun protection for individuals with sensitive skin. Mineral sun filters, Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide ensure effective broad spectrum coverage from both UVA and UVB rays while three separate shades of Iron Oxide tint protect against infrared radiation.

Enriched with Antioxidants to fight the look of lines and wrinkles while evening skin tone

Dr. Rivers’ signature anti-aging combination of phosphate form Vitamin C & E paired with Beta-T from the Pacific red cedar work together provide lasting anti-aging benefits throughout the day. Vitamin C helps to correct the look of lines and wrinkles, Vitamin E boosts the UV filters while ensuring that the skin’s moisture barrier is well protected. Beta-T works to address age spots and sun damage.

A luxurious, blendable finish

The sheer, lightweight coverage applies smoothly then disappears. Unlike some mineral based sunscreens this lightweight formulation is barely noticeable on the skin. As easy to apply as a day cream, it leaves the skin naturally glowing and instantly more even toned.

About the Tint

Three natural iron oxide pigments work together to provide lightweight, sheer coverage. This prevents the white, chalky residue which sometimes accompanies mineral sunscreens. It also provides a healthy glow to the skin while smoothing imperfections. It does not provide heavy coverage akin to a foundation.

A combination of 3 separate pigment molecules helps this product blend seamlessly with a wide variety of skin tones.

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RMS Beauty — Beauty Oil

A beauty oil the way a beauty oil should be: pure, simple and organic. This potent formula is the perfect balance between skin and oil, providing the ultimate in radiance and antioxidant protection.


This lightweight yet highly concentrated multi-purpose beauty oil contains only the finest exotic oils and rare herbal extracts. Buriti oil has recently been found to filter and absorb cancer-causing UV rays from the sun. All herbal extracts made in-house exclusively for rms beauty.


30 ml/1 fl.oz
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RMS Beauty — Raw Coconut Cream

The ultimate organic beauty product! This can honestly be called the best makeup remover ever. Removes even the most stubborn mascara with ease. This multitasking product can also be used as a facial cleanser and skin moisturizer.

Coconut oil is considered the healthiest oil on earth for its high levels of lauric acid, which is rarely found in nature. Lauric acid is what gives coconut oil its antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial properties, making this all-in-one product suitable for even the most blemish prone skin. This natural antioxidant is 100% pure, raw and unrefined thereby naturally protecting one’s skin against free radical damage and premature aging. Ideal for all skin types including sensitive and acne-prone skin. Nourishes skin, hair and lashes. Helps soothe sunburns.

Note: RMS Beauty Coconut oil is harvested fresh for us using a new and modern processing technique making it superior over store bought coconut oil. Ours is superior over the other cold pressed coconut oils on the market.

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RMS Beauty — Ultimate Makeup Remover Wipes

Let’s bring makeup wipes back to nature.


Coconut oil is renowned for its high concentration of lauric / caprylic acid, known for its natural anti-fungal and antibacterial properties, making it the perfect healthy choice for a multi-use cleansing cloth.


These pure and simple make-up remover and cleansing wipes are your new everyday essential. Infused with the same radiance boosting properties as our RMS Raw Coconut Cream, these use-anywhere wipes melt away makeup, cleanse, soften and moisturize skin, all in one making them perfect for even lazy face washers.


– Melts away stubborn eye makeup with ease
– Cleanses skin without stripping or irritation
– Nourishing and moisturizing for sensitive skin
– Safe for use near delicate eye area and lashes
– Helps to soothe rashes and sunburn
– Calms and softens post-shave skin
– Helpful for blemish-prone skin
– Gentle enough for babies
– 100% eco-friendly
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Sahajan – Essential Oil Cleanser

The ESSENTIAL cleansing Oil is the must have makeup melter that maintains the moisture in your skin. This oil cleanser melts away the toughest waterproof makeup, dirt, oil and pollutants from the day without leaving your skin tight and dry.

  • Moringa Oil: Rich in antioxidants with anti-pollution cleansing benefits, it gently lifts dirt, makeup and impurities leaving the skin fresh and glowing
  • Rose Oil: A delicate fragrant oil that is known in Ayurveda to help calm and moisturize the skin.
  • Coconut Oil: Deeply hydrates and leaves the skin soft and smooth
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Sahajan – Nourish Face Cream

Nourish your skin with the very best Ayurveda has to offer with this proprietary blend of natural ingredients:

  • Triphala: A powerful antioxidant with 20x the amount of Vitamin C as an orange which helps to brighten the look of skin
  • Gotu Kola: Known to stimulate the production of collagen, this powerful herb that helps reduces the appearance of wrinkles and firms the skin
  • Coconut Oil: Deeply hydrates and adds a glow that makes the skin look brighter

Clinical testing with maximum results:

  • 97% of users experienced improvements in fine lines and wrinkles after only 4 weeks
  • 100% experienced improvements in fine lines and wrinkles after 6 weeks
  • 100% experienced improvement in skin’s hydration
  • 100% said their skin looked brighter after use
  • 91% said the cream gave them healthier-looking skin
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Sahajan – Radiance Eye Cream

Your eyes are the first to show signs of aging, stress and fatigue.

Infused with free-radical fighting Triphala (meaning three fruits), antioxidant rich Neem Oil and soothing Honey, this powerful Ayurvedic blend helps to fade dark circles and to smooth the appearance of fine lines for brighter, younger-looking eyes.

It’s a Power Smoothie for Your Eyes.

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Sahajan – Radiance Face Serum

Put your most radiant face forward with this highly-potent, fast-absorbing serum. Infused with Triphala, Gotu Kola and Hyaluronic Acid to help fight the look of aging, dullness, and dark spots, while instantly increasing brightness, radiance, and luminousity.

The results don’t lie- The Science of Ayurveda is here:

  • 94% of users showed improvement in fine lines and wrinkles
  • After 6 weeks participants experienced a significant difference in luminosity
  • 88% of test subjects found it created healthier-looking skin
  • 88% said it made skin appear more youthful
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