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WELL KEPT – soap / exude


Made from all-natural ingredients, this bar soap creates a light lather that cleanses without stripping. Formulated with coffee seeds to provide gentle exfoliation, this earthy mix of patchouli, black pepper, coriander & ginger essential oils blend to create an intoxicating aroma. Smells like confidence.

  • all-natural ingredients
  • bubbly lather that doesn’t dry out your skin
  • made in small batches in Vancouver, BC

Wet the soap and rub it between your palms until it lathers. Gently sweep the lather over your skin. Avoid resting your bar in pooling water (we suggest using its rope to hang it) and allow it to dry completely between uses.

made of
patchouli essential oil, black pepper essential oil, coriander essential oil, ginger essential oil, sodium olivate, sodium cocoate, sodium castorate, sodium cocoa butterate, sodium shea butterate, cera alba, coffee arabica seed powder
size 100g

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How to use
Wet the soap and rub it between your palms until it lathers, then gently sweep the lather over your skin before shaving. Avoid resting your bar in pooling water and allow it to dry completely between uses.
Made with, made without
Our all-natural shave soap is made with local-to-us ingredients that moisturize and hydrate your skin rather than dry it out. We never use palm oil or other synthetic ingredients because we know they can be harmful to your largest organ, your skin.
bag: organic cotton
card: made from 100% recycled materials
Ethical Production
Our shave soap is made in small batches by an artisanal soapmaker in Vancouver, BC, using local ingredients, and it is never tested on animals.
End of Life
When our shave soap becomes too small to hold, you can pop it into our agave soap saver and make use of every last bubble. It comes in an organic cotton bag that’s perfect for storing bits and bobs.
Additional information

Additional information

Weight 3.5 oz
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 2 cm
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