WELL KEPT – safety razor / cream


This weighty brass razor offers a smooth, irritation-free shave for every part of the body. well kept’s cream safety razor is made in Canada, lasts for a long (long) time, and works with standard safety razor blades.

  • comes with one stainless steel blade that reduces irritation and ingrown hairs
  • blades cost cents rather than dollars

Our cream safety razor isn’t complicated, you just have to get to know it. Close the door, run the water, be gentle.

made of

Brass, aluminum, powder coat and one stainless steel blade

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How to use

It’s easy to use our safety razor when you know how. Close the door, run the water, be gentle.

Made with, made without

Our safety razor is made with a solid brass handle and top piece and an aluminum middle piece. It’s made without synthetic moisturizing strips that can dry out and irritate your skin, and unnecessary packaging or parts.


box and instructions:

  • made from 100% recycled material that’s FSC
  • carbon neutral printing
  • produced in North America


  • made from mycelium (which is a fancy name for mushroom)
  • compostable in your food scraps bin
  • produced in North America


  • wrapped in a small paper envelope that can be recycled

Ethical Production


  • made in Ontario, Canada
  • coated in British Columbia, Canada
  • packaged in our Vancouver studio


  • made from cardstock produced in the US from 100% recycled materials
  • printed and cut in our Vancouver studio
  • uncoated stock is processed free of chlorine


  • the mushrooms used are grown in the US

End of Life

Our razor is made of brass and aluminum which means it’s long-lasting and durable. You can recycle every piece of our packaging (pop the insert in your compost bin) and your used blades can be recycled with our blade bank program.
Additional information

Additional information

Weight 15 oz
Dimensions 15 × 7 × 5 cm
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