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APPRENTI OR’GANIK – Picasso Jasper Gua sha


Gua sha is an ancient Chinese practice that is believed to promote the flow of “chi”, or energy, through the skin. The massage technique involves gently rubbing the gua sha over the neck and face in an upward sweeping motion.

The pressure applied to the skin via the gua sha tool causes a level of friction that improves circulation and increases blood flow to the area. The belief is that increased blood flow can provide many benefits to the skin, such as increased collagen production, as well as reduced puffiness, hyperpigmentation, and muscle tension.

This massage technique moves lymphatic fluids and breaks down tension in muscles. That means improved blood flow and less puffiness. The increase in circulation is said to up hydration for that coveted youthful glow, and it even helps the skin to naturally purge blemish-causing dirt and oils.

This Gua sha is made in Picasso jasper, a natural stone said to attract positive people into ones life and support and encourage friendships to blossom in healthy loving ways. It has strong grounding and calming quality that helps to encourage strength and self-discipline.

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