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Riversol – Retinol Neck Cream


Now your neck can get the same attention and care as your face. The Retinol Neck Cream offers a clinical strength formulation to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles on the neck and décolleté, with no irritation.
Created with .10% pure retinol the neck cream visibly reduces hyperpigmentation on the fragile skin along the décolleté, and smoothes the look of wrinkles and lines on the neck.

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How To Use

If your skin is used to retinols, use every evening after cleansing. Let skin dry fully before applying this product. Apply a pea-sized amount over your neck and chest using upward strokes.

If you’re new to retinols, follow these instructions

Week 1
Apply retinol for 1 hour every evening. Wash off with a cleanser, moisturize.

Week 2
Apply for 2 hours every evening. Wash off with a cleanser, then moisturize.

Week 3
Apply retinol for 3 hours every evening. Wash off with a cleanser, moisturize.

Week 4 and beyond
Apply every evening, then moisturize. Wash off with a cleanser in the morning, follow with moisturizer.

If any irritation develops during the first 3 weeks, reduce the quantity by 50% and start the stage again. E.g. If irritation occurs in week 2, reduce to 1 hour of application (instead of 2) for a full week, then move to 2 hours the next week. Proceed until you can wear for 3 hours without irritation for a full week.

Key Ingredients

Pure Retinol (0.10%)
Retinol has been shown to reduce hyperpigmentation, pore size, and fine lines. The .10% used in this formulation has shown excellent results in trials without irritation.

The Riversol signature ingredient that evens skin tone and reduces sun damage. It can both prevent and correct dark spots and hyperpigmentation.

Niacinamide (1%)
AKA Vitamin B3, this antioxidant has been shown to prevent moisture loss and smooth the skin’s surface texture. It also works to brighten dull-looking skin.

Hyaluronic Acid
Hyaluronic Acid helps the skin retain moisture without overhydrating and reduces transepidermal water loss.

Tetrapeptide-21 is a signal peptide made of four amino acids to help increase elasticity, reduce the look of wrinkles, and improve skin texture. Acetyl Dipeptide-1 Cetyl Ester helps to prevent skin from sagging through elastin synthesis.

Additional information

Additional information

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