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feel the resonating energy of cracked cardamom pods, that stimulate blood flow and bring warmth and radiance to the skin. from teas to tinctures, cardamom is widely-used spice in the middle east for its internal stimulating properties. cardamom was routinely used to stimulate circulation — even placed inside shoes to warm the bottom of the feet throughout the day. though spice-infused tea has been an effective headache remedy favored by persians, cardamom is also an essential ingredient to any cup of good, turkish coffee — enhancing the caffeinated effect that awakens brain wave activity and warms the system. perhaps the most enduring secret of cardamom’s legacy is that it is an aphrodisiac — its powerful virtues are extolled at length in the erotic, ancient text, arabian nights. when blended with highly aromatic amber — it penetrates deep to relieve aching muscles and balances dry and sensitive skin. moroccan black pepper offers further stimulation, creating a warming sensation on the skin that increases circulation on contact. as an anti-inflammatory, it alleviates muscle aches and recharges the body with renewed sense of vigor.

through extensive travel in the red dusted, spice-laden regions of morocco, spain and turkey, the bathhouse culture of hammams and their indigenous ingredients gave way to this therapeutic oil and the red flower hammam treatment line. the hammam is a place of social, spiritual and physical purification, with a centuries-old tradition of bathing, ritual cleansing and a respect for the purest form of nature — water. caring for the body is an not only an obligation, but a public institution that follows the region’s spiritual teachings. after the detoxification is complete, bathers are adorned in heavy perfumes such as sandalwood to re-enter the world, cleansed and anointed with scent.

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cardamom amber oil is a study in devotion and deep relaxation, it is an olfactory journey through the spice route, combining the stimulating essential oils of clove, cardamom and the rare, headiness of sandalwood and amber that warm the skin and relax the body.
“very exotic-vacation-in-morocco. when you mix them, you get a gorgeous sheen”

— mira goldin, spa director



providing intense moisture and a richly therapeutic scent, this is a body oil that goes beyond the simple effect of hydrating the skin. essential oils are known to be detoxifying and warming; they restore the delicate balance of natural oils in your skin to retain moisture and prevent the drying effects that can lead to collagen breakdown and premature aging. cardamom amber oil melds into the skin — infused with charged black pepper, uplifting sweet orange and the rounded warmth of bergamot — balancing the seductive spiciness of cardamom.

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